Dr. Ochis

Executive Member

As a next generation leader, Dr. Karina Ochis holds the position of CEO at KO Sci-Fi Branding, President of The Elite Group, Executive Consultant, Author and Speaker. She is dedicated to the pursuit of life mastery while running innovative businesses and aims to be a transformative scholar across multiple fields and disciplines. She is a devoted professor, an impactful consultant, and a tireless advocate for the future generations through her speeches, publications, interviews and work.

She holds a Ph.D. and M.Phil. In Business Research and Doctorate of Leadership from Monarch Business School Switzerland, an MA in Political Marketing from Rome Business School along with a BA degree in Politics from the University of London. She holds further specialization certificates in Digital Strategy from the Online Marketing Institute in San Francisco, in Marketing and E-commerce from the London School of Economics and Political Science and in Macroeconomics from the University of California.

Her academic interests center around Multi-generational Management, Leadership, Businesses of The Future, Branding, Political Marketing, Virtual Reality, Succession Management, Employee Engagement and Theories Of Power. Her master’s thesis, The Impact Of Virtual Reality On Political Marketing was pioneering in showcasing the nexus between virtual reality and political marketing. Dr. Ochis provides executive consultancy, individual and corporate educational programs, and speaking services in next generation leadership, women in management, branding, reputation management, succession management, organizational reorganizations, employee assessments and predictions through a cross-domain approach.

An accomplished public speaker, Dr. Karina Ochis has informed audiences during the last decade at events such as: TEDx, Million Marketing Tour (London, Charlotte, Copenhagen, Kiev), Women Speaker Summit Nigeria, Uplevel Summit, Business Days, Elite Business Woman, The Woman Leadership Conference, the Academy of Economic Studies, Rome Business School, 16th Fingerprint of Change Conference, The Forum of Arab Trainers Union, Termalia, The Principles of Coaching Workshop, Assumption University of Thailand to name but a few. She is a member of The US National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers.

At Monarch, she spearheads the first cross-cultural Women in Business program. Through a female enhanced pedagogy based on mentorship, immersive experiences and intuitive learning, Dr. Ochis wishes to empower and support female leaders in their process of development.