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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

What role has fear played in your life? How has fear influenced the decisions that you’ve made thus far? Has it ever silenced you from speaking your truth?  Oftentimes, we fear judgement from others because of what we believe to be true. In our attempts to gain approval and validation from others, we don’t give voice to our beliefs, values, and perspectives. We acquiesce our power over to those we think are in the position of power.  When we choose

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10 Power Women on the Secrets to Their Success

Women around the world are on the rise in their respective careers and industries but their success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes endurance, tenacity, and commitment among other things to build a successful life. Although hard to exercise, patience is key to developing the character and skills a successful person utilizes on a regular basis.  Success happens incrementally.  When we get discouraged because we don’t see the results we hope to have, it’s easy to give up and throw in

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