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Miray Barsoum Awarded The 2023 ACBSP Leadership Award

Monarch Business School Switzerland is happy to announce that PhD Candidate Ms. Miray Barsoum has been awarded the ACBSP Student Leadership Award for 2023. Over the course of her PhD studies, Ms. Barsoum has been a strong supporter of Monarch assisting with many duties. She has been instrumental in operationalizing the Bachelor of Business Administration program as well as providing guidance on the development of the MBA Program.

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Doctoral Candidate Prof. Barsoum Honoured With Teaching Award

Monarch Business School Switzerland is very proud to acknowledge the recent teaching award given to Prof. Barosum for her accomplishments at Nile University. Dr. Barsoum is a medical doctor presently completing her PhD in Marketing at Monarch. Concurrently with her Doctoral studies, Prof. Barsoum teaches within the Bachelor of Business program at Nile University. She was presented the award for the “Most Impactful Professsor” for the 2022/23 academic year by Dr. Tarek Khalil, the Founding President of Nile University.

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Janine Zitianellis Publishes Book Chapter on Big Data Analytics Capabilities

With the emergence of Big Data Technologies (BDT) and the growing application of Big Data Analytics (BDA), Supply Chain Management (SCM) researchers increasingly utilize BDA due to the opportunities that BDT and BDA present. Supply Chain (SC) data is inherently complex and results in an environment with high uncertainty, which presents a real challenge for SC decision-makers. This research study aimed to investigate and illustrate the application of BDA within the existing decision-making process. BDT allowed for the extraction and processing of SC data. BDA aided further understanding of SC inefficiencies and delivered valuable, actionable insights by validated the existence of the SC bullwhip phenomenon and its contributing factors. Furthermore, BDA enabled the pragmatic evaluation of linear and nonlinear regression SC relationships by applying machine learning techniques such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and multivariable regression analysis. Moreover, applying more sophisticated BDA time series and forecasting techniques such as Sarimax, Tbats, and neural networks improved forecasting accuracy. Ultimately, the improved demand planning and forecast accuracy will reduce SC uncertainty and the effects of the observed SC bullwhip phenomenon, thus creating a competitive advantage for all the members within the SC value chain.

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