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Doctoral Candidate Prof. Barsoum Honoured With Teaching Award

Monarch Business School Switzerland is very proud to acknowledge the recent teaching award given to Prof. Barosum for her accomplishments at Nile University. Dr. Barsoum is a medical doctor presently completing her PhD in Marketing at Monarch. Concurrently with her Doctoral studies, Prof. Barsoum teaches within the Bachelor of Business program at Nile University. She was presented the award for the “Most Impactful Professsor” for the 2022/23 academic year by Dr. Tarek Khalil, the Founding President of Nile University.

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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

What role has fear played in your life? How has fear influenced the decisions that you’ve made thus far? Has it ever silenced you from speaking your truth?  Oftentimes, we fear judgement from others because of what we believe to be true. In our attempts to gain approval and validation from others, we don’t give voice to our beliefs, values, and perspectives. We acquiesce our power over to those we think are in the position of power.  When we choose

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