Welcome to The Women In Management Institute at Monarch!​

Celebrating Women at Monarch

The Women In Management Institute is created by the Women at Monarch for the Women at Monarch and guests. The Institute Highlights the efforts and research of the Women at Monarch. The Women at Monarch are a vital and strong backbone of the School and bring a unique and energizing view to management research. In recent years the unique contribution of women in management has taken hold in boardrooms and business schools. The Women in Management Institute at Monarch is our effort to reinforce the important contributions and how they shape management thinking. The Women in Management Institute is open to all Women in Management both at Monarch and from outside.

Women in Management Institute

  • Provides a central space for important and insteresting topics concerning women in management.
  • Highlights the research underway by the Women at Monarch
  • Provides an opportunity to further knowledge and skills by providing short course and programs.
  • Allows for the connection of individuals as Mentors and Mentees.
  • Provides scholarship opportunities for women at the Master and Doctoral level.
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