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Women In Management Institute

Highlights the efforts and research of the Women at Monarch. The Women at Monarch are a vital and strong backbone of the School and bring a unique and energizing view to management research. In recent years the unique contribution of women in management has taken hold in boardrooms and business schools. The Women in Management Institute at Monarch is our effort to reinforce the important contributions and how they shape management thinking.

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The Institute creates open, short courses and brings them online so that you can increase your potential and perfect your skills.

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Hello and welcome! This site is for our Monarch women to connect and celebrate one another as well as stay current on women leadership topics.

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Dr. Karina Ochis, Professor of Business Communication at Monarch Business School Switzerland and Executive Member of the Women in Management Institute speaks on the power of Personal Branding at TEDx Bratislava.

Doctoral Candidate, Ms. Vumile Msweli, speaks on how in the face of a changing world, and the uncertain future of work, it is critical we have work that brings us joy. This talk will cover how to design a career that you love and gives you purpose by finding your childhood passion.

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Leadership Decision Making in an Era of Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matured over the last years. We have entered an era of global business responsibility where a growing number of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) laws and regulations are pushing multinational corporations (MNCs) to ‘adapt or die’. This evolution appears to be based on two primary arguments. The first being the case for the long-term survival of our species: a compelling case, with an abundance of mounting environmental evidence to support it. The second is more subtle: a global shift in orientation towards ‘post-materialist values’, such as social justice, self-expression, and tolerance (Inglehart, 1997). This shift, recorded by social scientists since the 1970s, was largely driven by a younger population while their parents still cared for ‘materialist’ values such as financial success, security and individual achievements (Diermeier, 2022). The new context for doing business, is a situation numerous companies have embraced and some continue to reject. Many more may still be ‘on the fence’. Regardless, the evidence suggests that the strategic questions for business have moved on from understanding the need to change, to the realities of how it can, and should, be done (IBM Institute for Business Value, 2022).

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Assessing The Socio-Economic Impact Of Female Recidivism On The Attainment Of Sustainable Development Goals: A Gender-Responsive Study At The Johannesburg Female Correctional Centre In South Africa

South Africa has one of the highest recidivism rates in the world, estimated to be between 50% and 90% (Schoeman, 2010; Khwela, 2014; Karrim, 2018; Cronje & Peacock, 2023). Approximately 11.5 million offenders are incarcerated in the world’s correctional facilities, 6.9% of them are women and girls. The global number of incarcerated women has increased by 53% since the year 2000 (Heard, 2017) and it is assumed that recidivism contributes to this increase. The female prison population rate of South Africa is 7.6 per 100,000 of the national female population with 4,649 of the 157,056 total offender population being women (World Prison Brief, 2023). The high rate of recidivism may be an indication that efforts to address the core reasons why women commit crime are ineffective (Adams, Klinsky, & Chhetri, 2019). The pathways that lead women to crime are largely due to layered discrimination, deprivation by their partners, families and communities, violence (Critoph, 2019), changing personal economic and social positions and the increasing feminization of poverty (Penal Reform International, 2017). The identified reasons for female criminality are directly linked to the Target Priority Areas of several Sustainable Development Goals. Failure to address these results in recidivism has the potential to negate any progress made on SDGs.

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Adaptation of Expatriate Focused International Schools in an Evolving Southeast Asia Market: A Case Study of Vietnam

The surge in private international education provision, driven by globalisation, neoliberalism, and increased mobility, has transformed education into a global trillion-dollar industry, with Asia playing a pivotal role in this growth trajectory (ISC Research, 2023; Le, 2014; Machin, 2017). International schools are transnational spaces that serve as conduits for global mobility and the preparation of individuals for professional futures in transnational organisations (Machin, 2017; Lallo & Resnick, 2008). The burgeoning demand for high-quality education from the transnational capitalist class (TCC) has reshaped educational landscapes, with a notable preference for Western-style international schooling (Gumport, Lannozzi, Shaman, & Zemsky, 1997; ISC Research, 2023; Machin, 2017). As such, private education spending in Southeast Asia has reached nearly $60 billion (ISC Research, 2023).

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Miray Barsoum Awarded The 2023 ACBSP Leadership Award

Monarch Business School Switzerland is happy to announce that PhD Candidate Ms. Miray Barsoum has been awarded the ACBSP Student Leadership Award for 2023. Over the course of her PhD studies, Ms. Barsoum has been a strong supporter of Monarch assisting with many duties. She has been instrumental in operationalizing the Bachelor of Business Administration program as well as providing guidance on the development of the MBA Program.

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