Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

What role has fear played in your life? How has fear influenced the decisions that you’ve made thus far? Has it ever silenced you from speaking your truth? 

Oftentimes, we fear judgement from others because of what we believe to be true. In our attempts to gain approval and validation from others, we don’t give voice to our beliefs, values, and perspectives. We acquiesce our power over to those we think are in the position of power. 

When we choose to say nothing, we choose to say “no” to our true selves. 

It can be especially hard to speak our mind for those of us who were raised to never question or challenge authority figures. Fearing potential punishment or the perception of being rebellious, we allowed others to make all of the important decisions for our lives. While this may be appropriate for our early years as youth, our adult self requires the ability to critically think through our problems and make the best possible decision. This cannot be possible unless we learn to challenge the status quo and believe that something better is available to us. 

Author, speaker and podcast host Luvvie Ajayi Jones calls herself a professional “troublemaker”. Over the years, she’s learned how to conquer her fears, speak her mind and start conversations that are needed but uncomfortable in nature. When she feels compelled to speak her mind on an uncomfortable topic or situation, she asks herself three questions to confirm whether or not she should say anything.  

Click the video below to watch her 2017 TedX Talk and learn how she uses her voice to ask tough questions. As you watch her talk, ask yourself how you can find the courage to speak up when it matters.