Dr. Robinson

Executive Member

Dr. Ashley Robinson holds the position of Professor of Management at Monarch Business School Switzerland. She holds a PhD and M.Phil. in International Business From Monarch and an Honours Bachelor of Law from the University of Bristol, U.K. She also holds a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Robinson’s main academic areas of interest include global and local office corporate culture, corporate compliance, corporate leadership and employee engagement. She is uniquely interested in the dynamic nature of corporate culture and its relationship to national culture, linguistic differences and employee motivation.

Dr. Robinson has worked within property reinsurance and reinsurance operations in Switzerland and Bermuda focusing on (re)insurance underwriting and the impact of various cultural factors on employee perceptions, transactional negotiations and profitability. Her research explores the impact of corporate culture on transactional underwriting negotiations within global reinsurance companies with a specific focus on the impact of global corporate culture on transactional negotiations of underwriters.