Prof. Shipman

Executive Member

Professor Shipman holds the position of Professor of Executive Coaching at Monarch Business School Switzerland. She is presently a candidate within the Doctorate of Professional Coaching program at Monarch. She holds a double Master Degree in Health Administration (MHA) and Business Administration (MBA) from Webster University, USA and a Bachelor in Biology from Bowling Green State University, USA.

Professor Shipman’s academic interests include: leadership development, female entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning and development, and leadership coaching.

Professionally, Professor Shipman is a certified life coach and business coach in her own practice, NextLevel Life, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Since 2014, she has served women leaders and entrepreneurs in multiple countries by helping them to gain clarity in their vision, simplifying their process and removing self-limiting beliefs. She has worked in corporate leadership development at Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies, developing and facilitating leadership programs. Professor Shipman is also an author of three books and professional speaker.